Highly Targeted Indoor Advertising Experience


Captive 8 Media is an innovative, out-of-home digital advertising provider. By focusing on high impact indoor digital ad real estate, we are able to provide contemporary and effective advertising solutions.

Through our centralized networks of digital signage screens, we create an unparalleled advertising experience for consumers as well as provide a direct-to-consumer approach for advertisers.

We are able to effectively reach your target demographic in a cost-effective method with guaranteed engagement.

By focusing on hard-to-reach and high-focus environments, we are able to significantly boost the ROI on out-of-home campaigns.


Benefits of Indoor Advertising


A number of studies, including one by Rice University, shows indoor advertising is stronger than other mediums and can "command focal level attention."



87% of survey respondents indicated that indoor advertising is innovative. In addition, we are the first washroom advertising network in Hong Kong.


84% said they were motivated to view indoor advertising, plus indoor also indoor boasts an advert recall rate as high as 95%.



Our digital signage screens are placed in high-impact locations whereby our content is un-missable and un-skippable.